The Flash Controversy

You know the cliché “great minds think alike”? Well for owners Terri and Tammy, most of the time this is true, except in some noteworthy cases. Back in the early days of websites, when our first WG Communications Group website was built, flash intros were all the rage. So, we built the site with an animated intro . Terri loved it then and loves it now; in fact, many people point out to her how great they think the intro is. Tammy didn’t love it then and really, really doesn’t love it now, but in the interest of compromise, has agreed for the intro to be posted on this site with this disclaimer.

Here’s Tammy’s side:
Flash is so out. It may have been in for a nanosecond, but it’s so far out now it has fallen off the edge. In fact, isn’t Flash incompatible with almost every device type these days? Never mind how antiquated Flash is technically speaking, the little men in the intro fall in the “too cute” category. I’m not a fan of cute in graphic design. Sure I like a lot of cute things; puppies and babies make me smile just like everyone else, but not animated men on my business website. Sure, there’s a skip intro option, but if I hear one second of the little fellers whistling, I cringe. I know I’m not the only one. Who’s with me?

Terri’s side:
So what is so bad with cute? Does a nanosecond really kill you? A couple of adorable men put up a sign. If it bugs you skip through it if it doesn’t enjoy the show. It isn’t worse than pre-roll. I agree 100% that flash is out for so many important reasons like you can’t even see it on an ipad. We designed cute little men who put up our name on our site. I have received so many calls to work with our company for this fact alone. I agree the technology is too old. But why not just have a little box on this website that people like me, who still like cute things can take a quick peek for a smile once in a while. It won’t be the page opener just a box for a memory. Life is way too serious.